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It’s my goal to get Relationships Rescued! To help people pursue healthy, balanced, successful relationships in all areas of life. Sign up using the form above to get clear on what your perfect relationship looks like, what you value both personally and in your relationships and how to remove the obstacles and old mindsets that may be preventing you from having the relationships and success you deserve. This exercise is powerful and is an important step that will move you toward the relationships you have always wanted.

some of the lives i’ve impacted

“We are so thankful for Jim. He is the definition of a mentor and coach. He is so professional and listens without judgement. We are also thankful for someone like him to give encouragement and tools for all relationships.”

– Sarah and Brandon Lovegrove

“As a business owner, an entrepreneur and President of The Entrepreneur Nation, I meet a lot of leaders. Jim Hetherington is by far a cut above the others. He is a great teacher and speaker and he can mentor people in many areas because of his experience. Jim has been a speaker and trainer in the events hosted by The Entrepreneur Nation several times. In all the speaking events, I have received overwhelming positive feedback with audience asking for Jim to be invited back. What I like about Jim is the commitment and consistency. He is a leader you can count on. Jim at one time traveled to attend my event even though the weather was not great. It’s this reliability and exceptional work ethic that makes me recommend Jim to anyone looking for a great speaker/ trainer. You need to have Jim speak at your event or company gathering to benefit from his vast knowledge. If you need a coach, Jim’s the person for you.”

– Lucy Jeffrey President of The Entrepreneur Nation

“As a pastor, I won’t allow just anyone to speak to my congregation. However, when I heard Jim Hetherington speak I invited him to share one Sunday morning. Since then he has taught at mid-week groups, more Sunday mornings and each time the response has been great. We even had him do a afternoon seminar on relationships; people couldn’t get enough of his teaching. He is a man of integrity and the wisdom he shares is amazing. I even meet with him personally to help me with my growing responsibilities. I highly recommend you have Jim do speaking and training for your group and for individual mentoring.”

– Pastor Rudie Lemus

“Jim Hetherington is a International award winning #1 Best selling author and I was grateful to hear him teach and meet with him to be mentored. As a teacher and mentor Jim is amazing. His wisdom and insights are great. He will challenge you and encourage you through any arena in life. You need to get coached and trained by Jim. ”

– Raymond Harlall

Best Selling


“Jim Hetherington is an incredible teacher. He has helped me with so much. With a few words he has changed my life and ow I see things. I would strongly recommend Jim as your relationship coach.”

– Jake Kaiser

“Since the first time I met Jim Hetherington, he helped he helped me change the way I see relationships. He is so passionate about what he does that he cracked me open and brought me to tears. I remember him saying- when you want to quit, remember why you said “I do”. I love his approach as it emphasizes that relationships take work and you have to access you relationship all the time to make sure it is going where you want; for both partners. Thank you Jim for changing my life and showing me that it is never too late for a fresh start. ”

– Zineb Nassrou

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