Dude You’re Living in Your Crap

San Diego, California, what and amazing place to visit!

There are so many attractions, parks, places to shop, and the restaurants, wow, they are amazing. I’m a bit of a foodie so I really enjoyed the variety and creativeness of the restaurants.

Five colleagues and I went to San Diego, where we rented a six-bedroom house on the water for a four-day mastermind. Each one of us had our own business and each one was at various stages of growth. Somewhere just starting out so they were developing products and trying to refine them. Others had been in business for several years and were wanting to grow. And for four days we spent a large amount of time throughout the day looking at various aspects of business and our personal lives.

If you have never been in a mastermind you owe it to yourself to get surrounded by people that just want to help each other grow and come up with amazing ideas. The whole idea of having 5, 6 or more people together working on something is absolutely fantastic. One brain can think of only so many things on its own. But two or three brains are like having ten brains operating at once! What one doesn’t think of the other does and then when they share the other picks up something new it’s an absolutely amazing how that collaborative effort will help you grow as an individual and create great ideas for your business or whatever matters you’re focusing on.

Masterminds in my opinion are a necessary step in planning and growing yourself and your business. Make a habit of getting involved in a mastermind every few months to continue to grow.

Masterminds can be done online through a zoom callor in person. In person is probably the best way to do it and that’s exactly why we escaped and went to San Diego to have time away just to immerse ourselves in thinking about growing our businesses.

Of course, as I mentioned above, we did hit some amazing restaurants. The creativeness that was in these restaurants was absolutely amazing. From raw to vegan to grass-fed beef, there were endless combinations everywhere.

One of the things that we did every morning was take time for meditating and for devotions.To spend a little time in gratitude at the beginning of the day. This is an excellent thing to do every single day. Just taking 30 minutes at the beginning of each day reflecting, thinking, worshiping, praying and speaking out affirmations is the best way to begin your day. And of course, while we were in San Diego, we had the privilege of walking along the shore. It was absolutely spectacular to sit and reflect every morning on the rocky shoreline with the hills, plant life and all the wildlife there.

Now, I am a wilderness enthusiast. I love the outdoors, being around water, and wildlife. I was intrigued everyday as we sat by the water listening to the sea lions roar and talk amongst themselves. In Ontario Canada where I live, we don’t have sea lions, except in the zoo, so to see them in the wild and listen to them was amazing.

A couple of nights while we were there, we took evening strolls along the beach as the sun was setting. It was about that time of night that the sea lions were coming in from the water for the night. You could see them swim along and jump up onto the rocks and wobble along to find their favorite place to rest. Each one barking and chattering as they came up on the shore as if to tell everybody about their day. It was fun to listen to them bark and recount the adventures that they must have experienced.

A distinct thing I noticed as we approached the water’s edge was the aroma of their nesting areas. I’m used to seeing sea lions in zoos and water parks, where their pens are cleaned and washed out on daily. However, it was apparent by the stains on the rocks and the odor in the air that this wasn’t the case along the natural shores of San Diego!

Where we stood and watched was quite a distance away from their nesting grounds and I could only imagine what the aroma was really like at ground level; or sea level in this case. But it didn’t seem to bother them one bit. In fact, many of the areas were clearly marked. You could see dark spots on the rock where it was unsoiled, obviously from where somebody had laid over and over again. And those were the areas that the sea lions seemed to gravitate towards as they came up out of the water.

As I was standing there one evening watching them come up, and smelling the smell in the air, the thought came to me- Dude, you living in your crap!

Then I thought about us as human beings.

As we grow up it’s easy for us to get use to our surroundings. If things aren’t 100% around us, we don’t seem to notice, we just get use to it. Kind of like living in dysfunction. Sometimes the only ones that can tell, or even noticed that is dysfunctional, are those from the outside. It’s easy for us.We get use to our surroundings and live with them and exist. When was the last time you noticed a bad attitude come into your life? When was the last time you noticed an annoying habit form in your own life?

If we don’t stay on top of cleaning house and putting things away before long, we look around and it’s dusty, cluttered, everything is out of place and disorganized. Then we have a decision to make.Whether we clean things up or just allow that to become our new normal.

All around you can see people allow things to become the new normal. For example, does a person that hoards or stash things away really notice how much there is until it’s too late. Until it’s glaringly obvious sometimes we may not pick up on how disorganized or cluttered our surroundings have become.

You can applythat to your mental, and emotional state as well. You may have experienced a bad relationship and it left you emotionally wounded or scarred. Yet if that goes untreated it can affect your next relationship and. Sometimes if a person is mistreated or judged unfairly,they may say- oh well that’s okay and carry on; accepting this as the new normal.

Overtime the stuff continues to build around us and we may or may not notice it. We may or may not want to do anything about it. We may just become like those sea lions that live in“their crap” and think it’s normal.

I encourage you to have a look at your environment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Are they exactly how you expect them to be? Or is there room for improvement. Are there areas that need to be addressed? How about your relationships? Are your relationships what they should be? How’s your work or career going?How about your spiritual world?

Too often we can get so busy in a physical world, our relational world, and with our careers that we don’t pay any attention to our spiritual life. If we don’t keep these four areas balanced life can get out of balance.

Here’s three steps to take to begin to change your environment:

  1. Look at all the areas in your life and examine them and see if there’s areas that you feel aren’t what they should be. There might be something in your home life or your relationship life that you would like to see changed, or different in some way. It could be work or it could be as simple as just your house or your living space is organized and untidy.Whatever it is, have a look at it and write down the thing, or things, you would like to change.
  2. Begin to think about the steps that you can take to change this thing. If you have more than one thing,work on one first. Begin to give some thought to how you could change that environment; to clean up the crap. If it’s something related to the organization of your house think of the first room that you would tackle.Make a plan of how you can make that happen. If it’s in a relationship and it’s someone you need to talk to, think about how you would approach them and how you would talk about it.
  3. Now pick a time and do it! After you’ve thought about the area, about your plan, about the date and time that you’re going to execute it begin to step out and start to make the changes. There’s no sense living in crap that is unnecessary and unwanted.

The sea lions living on the beach all live in the same environment and crap. Because they were all living in that environment nobody could point out that there was an issue. Someone on the outside could certainly see the issue. But living in the environment they wouldn’t see it.

And that’s sometimes the same with us. When we’re living in our own environment it seems normal.But, if someone on the outside stepped in, they may point out some areas that could be adjusted.

Do you have someone in your life that can help point out areas that may need attention?

Would you like to have someone stand along side you?

If so reach out to me and my team. We would be quite happy to talk with you and see where you’re living and see if there’s some areas where we can come alongside and help encourage you along the way.

With no judgement of course. We’ve all been in a place, at some point in life, where we can’t see our own crap and need help spotting it.

Talk soon,

Coach Jim

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