My latest book-Authorities

Growing up I always struggled with school. I discovered that I was dyslexic, so ready and writing was a challenge as words and letters were constantly moving around. As I grew, I became more and more frustrated with school and eventually quit. In fact, grade 9 was the last year that I completed (well almost completed).

Although Idisliked English growing up, I was always fond of books and always had great intentions of reading. However, every time I set out to read, I soon became discouraged and put the books back on the shelf. For years after I left school there was something drawing me back to books. I recall one Saturday afternoon a mentor came to my house and sat with me for an entire afternoon and took me through a text book and taught me how to read to retain the knowledge. Before long I was able to read at a much quicker pace and I remembered so much more.

For the past 30 years I have mentored and taught youth and young adults and always thought I would like to put the material I was teaching into a book. But, like most I put it on my “someday list”. I also fought with the – who do you think you are, you can’t write a book- mindset.

I remember sitting with a young couple and as I was sharing some of the principles that I had always taught, the young women began to cry. When I asked what was the matter she replied- I’m 25 years old and nobody has ever told me these things. It was then that I decided to write a book and put my material in there.

April of 2018, I signed with a publisher and started writing- Your Relationship Rescue Handbook- 11 “F” words to increase the love. By September 2018 the book was complete, published, launched and ready for sale and distribution. During the writing of this book I was approached by another publisher and asked if I would contribute a chapter in one of their books- The Handbook to Holistic Health. And so, I did. That book came out in October 2018.

I received an award for each of the books and was invited by the Global Authors Awards, to go to London England where I received another award for my Relationship book. Both the bookswent #1 on Amazon shortly after they came out which was absolutely amazing.

During the writing of my first book, my publisher told me of an opportunity to be in a book with some major celebrities. I applied, was interviewed and was accepted into the book. It was my first experience working with a professional writer to complete the chapter that went into the book.

Now I’m very excited to announce my latest book-Authorities. It’s published and will be launched in May 2019!

In this book I had the privilege of writing with other amazing authors like Dr. John Gray- Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, Raymond Aaron- my mentor, publisher and New York Times #1 Bestselling author, and Les Brown- New York Times Bestselling author and one of the top motivational speakers and mentors in the world.

It’s both humbling and exciting to be involved in this project. And it is also humbling when I think of where I came from. Struggling to read and write, not liking English; or school in general. Then to quit school only to find a new love for learning, reading and writing as I matured. I am truly blessed and very thankful.

That’s not all. I just completed a chapter for another book to be released soon and I’m currently working on an upcoming book in my Relationship Rescue Handbook series. Be sure to keep an eye out for them when they are released. After that, who knows. I feel a whole new world has opened up.

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